Shipping Methods

We offer various shipping methods so that you can dispatch your broken screens.

Shipping on your own

You use your own carrier.

This shipping method is valid for repairers outside Metropolitan France (Belgium, overseas french departments and territories, etc.)

Also available for customers sending samples screens (less than 10 screens)

Free Colissimo labelling

Colissimo So colissimo Ecran cassé

You can print the Colissimo label we send. It is pre stamped and will allow you to dispatch your screens free of charge. 

Drop in a Pickup location

Relais pickup recyclage écrans lcd

You can print your shipping label for free. it will allow you to drop your package in one of the 5000 pickup location in France.

Collecting in your store

Collecte recyclage lcd iPhone

We can also collect your screens directly in your store.

A carrier will come to your working location to pick up your package, you will not need to move.

Collecting will be charged 10€ (to be deducted from your buyback)

Warning, according to our general terms and conditions, your are responsible for any damage or loss that could occur during transportation