How to package?

It's very important for you and us to send to us a nice parcel, well packaged, sorted and protected. When a parcel is not properly packaged, the risk of of damage during transit is greater. For this reason a parcel with 100% of reliable screens tested by yourself can drop down to 50% if the parcel is not careful. Screens can be broken because of weights, tapes which are ripped off etc...If the parcel is not sorted out, our tester will spend more time doing it and you would then be paid less quickly.

Here is the instruction for a nice and careful parcel.

1) How to prepar an empty box?

With bubble wrap for instance.

2) what to do with your various screens ?

sorting them out and then put them together by groups of 10. If possible, putting on face up and then one face down. Cf picture.

3) How to arrange the box?

Once the box and the screens are prepared, arrange them inside the box so that they don't damage themselves. 

Make sure to protect them properly between each level.

Fill empty spaces with bubble wrap for instance.

you will then have to stick the Colissimo label on the package and then ship it to us. Cf picture.