Frequently asked questions


I am private individual, am I allowed to use your buyback service?

Our buyback service is open to everyone. Whether your a profesionnal repairer or, casual or just an individual, you can use our website to dispatch your screens.

I don't have any time/appropriate materal for testing the screens before shipping, what can I do?

We do not require our customer to test the screens they send us. All screens we receive are tested by a french factory specialized in screen recylcing and the tests are fully reliable.  The preliminary screen testing only allows you to get a more accurate estimation of your buyback. 


How do I have to package my screens for shipping?

When generating a buyback you will email you with a PDF document explaining step by step how to prepare your parcel ofr broken screens for a buyback. you will also find those instruction in the dedicated webpage. 

I would like to send my screens but the brand/model are not available on the website. What could I do?

We only buybak screens models listed on our website, other brands and models are not bought back, it is then useless to put them in the parcel.

Are the shipping fees at my expense?

When placing an order, you will have two options for the shipping fees. You can choose to print a Colissimo label and use it to send your parcel. If your buyback was above 100€, then the shipping fees would be offered, otherwise 5€ would be deducted from your buyback payment. If you choose to ship your parcel by your own, shipping fees are for you to support.


What are the payment methods available for th buyback of my screens?

While creating a buyback, you can choose to receive your payment using PayPal, cheque or wire transfer. 

What are the requirements for my screens to be admissibles for buyback? 

In order for a buyback to be considered as working, it requires to have a perfect LCD (no dead pixel, no black point, no white spot) and also a working touchscreen. the screen condition does not matter. 

I generated my screen buyback, i long will it takes for me to get paid?

The terms of payment are about 10 days upon receiving the screens.

why some of the screens I tested before sending them are not considered as working? 

The sreens we buy back are meant to be reconditioned and must be perfect. It is very often that screens apparently working duriing a quick test appear to have defaults preventing their reconditioning and then their buyback. Besides, a too light protection or the transportation may lead to significant screens damages. 

I just dispatched my broken screens parcel, how to know when it is going to be dealt with?

We keep you posted on the progress of your broken screen parcel (parcel delivery, testing, payment) by email at each step of the process. I just sent my parcel and the prices just went down, what rate is going to be applied to my buyback? The buyback rates are for the paymenyt are the same one as the current one while genrating your buyback.  In other words, if you create your buyback and then the prices go down the day after, you screen will be bought back with the inital rate before the drop. Once the buyback is created, you have ten days to have the parcel delivered to us and benefit from those blocked rates.