The general terms describe terms and conditions to which the company PAYUP buys back broken screens to a vendor through its website Accessing this service is submitted to the general terms acceptance.

Every internet user willing to access it must previously takes note of the general terms for buyback and commit to respect them unreserved.

The company PAYUP can freely modify at any time these terms of use. Reading them frequently is highly advised.


Seller : "Seller" refers to any person using the website made available by PAYUP in order to evaluate the pricing of a broken screen and resell it to PAYUP.

Product / screen : Refers to a smartphone screen for which the reference is listed on the website.  

Cession / sale / buyback: The seller can give his screen wether or not in return of payment.


The seller is requested to provide correct details about his identity, to be the sole owner of the product and must be 18 years old to have the right to sale. 


Step 1: Buyback form

The seller provides quantities for each model he is willing to sale to and has then access to a real time calculation of the price of his buyback. In order to finalise the buyback, the seller has to select a shipping method and the payment method required (cheque, wire transfer or PayPal) and then validate. Be aware that only broken screens with working LCD and touchscreen.

Step 2: Receipt and testing of the screens

Upon delivery of the screens, runs tests to check that the screen meets its manufacturer data. If the tests are ok, will validate the price proposed for a working screen « OK ».

A. Working screen « OK »

A working screen « OK » is a screen for which the touchscreen is fully working and the features match the manufacturer data. 

B. Screen out of service « HS »

An out of service screen « HS » is a screen for which the features have not been modified but showing default such as :

The LCD does not work: « Full HS » and / or the touchscreen does not work : « Tact HS ». runs some tests allowing to spot such issues. If it turns out they are real, will not validate the estimated price and the screen will be tagged out of service « HS ».

Those screens cannot be sent back free of charge. If the seller requests it, offers to return the out of service screens at the expense of the seller (ten(10) euros). Otherwise, as part of its mission, commits to destroy it according to the european regulation DEEE. 

Step 3: Tests details, invoice and payment

An invoice detailing test results is sent to the seller by email. In order for to proceed to payment, the invoice has to be sent with signature by email or regular mail to


The terms of buybak are guaranteed ten days after the buyback registration on the website. 

Therefore, the seller is required to send his product  within (10) days after his buyback validation, date as per postmark. Beyond, the buyback will be cancelled on


If during the test we notice that the model does not match the model notified, the buyback is automatically validated with the price displayed on the website the day od delivery.

A classification as working « OK» if the screen condition allows it, a working price « OK» being the one stated the day of the initial sale. 

A classification out of service « HS » of the screen does not lead to a payment. 

7: VALIDATION OF CONDITION perform test on the screen in order to ensure compliance with the seller information and the buyback terms. 

If after testing the products is stated as working « OK » does not match the technical specifications from the manufacturers, the buyback is then not validated and the product stated as out of service « HS ».

Validated screens cannot be retrieved. During a screen reclamation, only not bought back screens will be returned.


In case does not offer a financial compensation for a product, the seller can give it for free. does not commit to bear the product shipping fees.


The product ownership is transfered according to the rules of the article 1583 of the french civil code stating that there is ownership transfer when the buyer and the seller agree on the product and on its price. Therefore, the ownership trnasfert will be effective only after screens conditions approval by

10: BUYBACK INVOICE PAYMENT undertakes to pay the singed bill within 7 days from the owner transfer if the payment is to be make by cheque, wire transfer or Paypal.

We do our best to send the payment within 7 days. The date taken into account will be the one from the postmark, being unable to guarantee postal delays. Payment deadlines stated in our website are provided for information purpose only and are not to be meant for contractual commitments. 

We are striving to send the payment within seven days.The date considered will be the postmark date. can not garanteed the post delays. Payments delays wroten on the website are estimate only et can not been read as contractual.


The seller is fully responsible for the screens transit. It is recommanded to the seller to follow packaging instructions provided by on its page "how to pack".

Therefore, responsability cannot be commited in the case of package loss of theft or also the breakage of a product because of the conditions of carriage. It belongs to the customer to epxress required reserves and to seek legal redress against hte carriers. 


None of both sides can be hold responsible in to the other side for any lack of action or delay following a case of force majeure as per of the jurisprudence. The cas of force majeure interrupt the obligations from the current contract for the all duration of it. However, if the case of force majeure would be maintained thirty consecutive days, it would lead to full rights termination by one part or the other within the fifteen days after sending the registered letter with receipt confirmation stating that contract termination.


Buyback and delivery conditions are only valid in Metropolitan France


Our terms of use are subjected to French law.